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No.. not a day trade

Today it happened.... a lost in translation error. I went to sell more SK Telecom, and accidentally clicked "buy". I was horror struck. The volatility in the market has provided a perfect opportunity to reduce my massively overweighted exposure to... Continue Reading →

Talk about Retail?

So whereas online giants like Amazon are killing retail in the states, and any market they enter, here in Korea its good ole fashion brick and mortar Today, for some unknown reason (there was a note about how Shinsegae is... Continue Reading →

Good bye Korean Airlines

As a business traveler based in Seoul, I have spent a lot of time sitting inside Korean Airlines planes. I see exactly the price that they are getting paid for business travelers, and also see packed planes filled with other... Continue Reading →

Dividend Tally so far

Company Shares Dividend Payment Kakao Corp 14 0                     - Samsung C&T Corp 36 550            19,800 Naver Corp 4 1131              4,524 KIWOOM Securities Co... 19 1000            19,000 Yong Pyong Resort Corp 100 100            10,000 KB Financial... Continue Reading →

Samsung Companies Underlying Value

 Market Cap (B) Holding of Other Corps (M) Fundamental Value (B) Samsung Electronics Co... 309.47                                    5,181                             304.29 Samsung C&T Corp 23.85                                  23,727                                 0.12 Samsung Life Insurance... 21.5                                  29,166                                (7.67) Samsung Fire & Marine... 12.81... Continue Reading →

Samsung Group vs Samsung Companies?

There exists a lot of confusion about what "samsung" is. For me, Samsung does not exist. I know that is a very controversial comment. Instead there are "samsung companies". Each company has its own CEO, its own shareholders, its own... Continue Reading →

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My Korean Dividends – Sorted

It is not a mistake that my biggest holding, also has the biggest dividend. The objective of this portfolio is long term capital returns, not speculation. When my return on cash is 0% with money deposited at my local korean... Continue Reading →

My Korean Dividends

  Name Symbol Last price Mkt cap Dividend Samsung C&T Corp 028260 126,500.00* 24.14T 0.00% Naver Corp 035420 806,000.00* 26.57T 0.14% Kakao Corp 035720 77,500.00* 5.24T 0.22% KIWOOM Securities Co... 039490 68,300.00* 1.51T 1.02% Yong Pyong Resort Corp 070960 8,470.00*... Continue Reading →

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